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Tip: How to Upload Products on Impulse

Tip: How to Upload Products on Impulse

You've made it onto the platform, had a look around at the plethora of amazing (beautifully presented) products, and now you want some of the action. Maybe we can help:

We have tried to make uploading on to Impulse as simple and seamless as possible by giving you the power to carefully curate and post with a few easy steps. We're the first to admit it is by no means perfect, but with a little care you'll be posting products that are both beautiful and high quality - a requirement to help your uploads excel on the platform.

TLDR for you lazy people:

  • Choose an interesting product.
  • Save a high quality image with style and colour
  • Copy URL and Paste into Upload Modal.
  • Take care over the Title, Description, Price etc
  • Add your Personal Comment


1. Choose Your Product

The key here is to take your time. Impulse is a quality over quantity platform when it comes to uploading products, so make sure you take a close look at the other products on the platform (especially the @Impulse account) and see what you can be Inspired by. We want to promote a community of careful curation that promotes quality images as a staple of the platform.


2. Open the Upload Modal via the Camera icon

Uploading is available to every single user and store we have on the platform. You will find the Upload Modal by clicking the Camera Icon in your Impulse Header. This will open up our Upload area directly on your current page (as shown below).

Upload Modal.png

3. Save the Image you want & Copy the Product URL

Stage ONE

Once you have the Upload Modal ready and found your product on it's original website, you need to make sure that you have the perfect image ready to upload. We suggest saving one to your Desktop to make sure you have the right colour, size, and style. If you can't see this perfect image on the original product website (these don't always suit Impulse), try:

  • Searching for the Product Image on the Store's Social Media pages - Instagram is the best place to find beautiful imagery.
  • Search Google Images for the Product Image - you'll get a diverse range of potential options.

If you're having trouble checkout our piece on Getting The Best Product Images. 

Tsovet Watch Example VI.png

Once you have that prime Product Image saved, head back to the Upload Modal and click the "Upload Photo's" box - find your product, select it, wait for it to show up, "Set As Default" and boom. Stage One done.

Tsovet Watch Example II.png

Stage TWO

For Stage Two the platform uses a URL data scrape system to help pull Images and Info for each upload. So once you're ready, copy the original Product website URL and paste that into the Impulse URL field - and press GO.

It will take a short time for the platform to infill all the data it can from the URL:

  • It will firstly ask you to select an extra image from the original product website.
  • Find the product image you want to be added as extra ones (you are not required to add more than the original Stage One image.)
  • You will then see what info has been taken from the URL - things may be missing so make sure you read on to cover what needs to happen next.


4. Add Title, Description, Price, Category, and Tags

You have your product, the perfect image, and the platform has dragged the URL. You will notice that information has filled in the Title and Description - however you'll probably see there are a few mistakes, and these need fixing. Like we said Quality Over Quantity, so take your time and make sure it is perfect...Here's the plan:

  • The Title has a 35 Character limit - Try and fit the Store Name and the Product.
  • The Price will not be dragged by URL - So head back to the product website and grab it, then change the currency if needed.
  • The Description has a 350 Character limit - Double check the description on the original product website, if it's short add your own personal touch. Keep it pro.
  • The Category choice is up to you - Select carefully to help future users in the community.
  • The Tags are again your shout - Make them relevant, personal, and helpful.
Upload Modal Finish.png

5. Don't Forget to add a Personal Comment

The Personal Comment is all you. It adds an important social touch, and truly makes the product yours. Shout about the product, explain why it's cool, or simply let people know how it fits into your dream life. Use this like a review and help the community decide if this product is worth their time and hard earned cash!


6. Upload

You've gone through the process and can now Upload your product. It will now be placed on your profile and also on the Home Feeds of every single person that follows you. Nice work for adding quality curated content for the Impulse community!

Tsovet Final Example.png

Thanks For Stopping By

If you need any more help drop us an email at hello@weareimpulse.co or simply message the @Impulse account on the platform.

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