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Tip: What Kind of Images to Choose when Uploading

Tip: What Kind of Images to Choose when Uploading

Following on from the How To Upload Products On Impulse step by step guide - we thought it important to offer more detailed information on the kind of Images to look for when selecting products for the platform and help our wide user base get to grips with the content that works best on Impulse.

A lot of what we will outline is seemingly self-explanatory - however this may be vital for helping set up your personal profile for maximum exposure, and imperative that we ensure Impulse retains it's focus on high quality imagery at the forefront of our user's minds. We want uploading to be carefully curated, personal, and fun - welcome to Image 101. 

Take Inspiration From Impulse

The very best in products and the images used to showcase them can be found on the @Impulse profile on the platform, and the respective @Impulse category accounts. Carefully curated, and ordered by colour and style we try and showcase how Impulse should look when done properly. Also, don't forget to jump through the brilliant set of stores we have on the platform - each one has an individual design eye that may spark off your creative side. 



4 Factors To Consider

There are 4 key factors to consider when choosing a product image. Each one helps you product the very best content, hoover up the Beats, and show yourself off on the platform.

Lifestyle: Try and place your product in an interesting setting. There is good reason most Social Media posts (especially Instagram) has a distinct focus on a human touch, and are carefully picked to fulfil your psychological draw towards beautiful, eye catching imagery. Choose simple, bold, fascinating settings and backgrounds to the image that best shows off the product, but also your ethos, and life design.

Size: The larger the resolution and the larger the size, the better the quality of the image. We suggest uploading images that are at least 480px x 300px in size (for example, a good sized rectangle in portrait.) Higher resolutions better frame the colours and style of your image and allow your followers and the community a far more pleasant Impulse experience.

Shape: The 1st key shape we look for and edit to when uploading is a Portrait Rectangle. This shape portrays the best size on the platform and helps frame a product perfectly. The 2nd shape - a Square, or slightly tall square helps fit in more of the background and tells more of a story. The range between these two shapes is the perfect place to upload images from.

Size Images.png

If you find too many Square images when searching through Stores (quite common), simply screenshot what you need and edit the product image to a more suitable shape. More info on perfecting image shape can be found in our recent Advance Uploading blog piece.

Colour: Impulse is built upon a design ethos of engaging minimalism. Reducing clutter whilst still maintaining a strong product image sets apart our platform from the rest. The best colours to pick from are usually pastel colours, greys, greens, alongside contrasted darker blues, reds, and oranges. Try and stay away from products with a plain white background (Amazon we are looking at you...) these offer no value to your followers or the community.

Make your product image fun to look at, engaging for your followers eyes, and as downright pretty as possible. We find nature, cities, homes, and outdoors minimalism as wonderful colour backdrops.


Tell a Story

The key to high quality content is care and value - offer your followers an insight into the product and the reasons why you like it. It's really true that a "picture can tell a thousand words" - and at Impulse we believe some of the best stories come from stunning product imagery. You can help people gauge there lives, whilst showcasing your own dreams by simply producing content that people want to see. Day in day out. Tell your story. Make it beautiful.

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