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Impulse  & Pinterest - What’s the Difference?

Impulse  & Pinterest - What’s the Difference?

If you’re reading this, can I first say thank you. Thank you for using the platform and thank you for reading this post. It means the world that you’ve given (or might give) the platform a chance and we sincerely hope that you like it. Now, let’s talk about something people have raised to us in the past, and a question that may have crossed your mind:

Isn’t this a bit similar to Pinterest?

Well in a word, yes, but really a large resounding no.

At Impulse, we feel as though we are very different to Pinterest. If anything, we see it as the answer to the problems many have faced on Pinterest. For example, how many times have you been on Pinterest and pinned an item from a store or somewhere, only to find it near impossible to find that maker or style online later? Or how about finding a product that you really wanted to buy, only to be unable to hunt it down through your incredible Google searching skills? Well Impulse doesn’t have any such issue.

Before we continue - it's important to note Pinterest is a supreme platform for cataloguing cool stuff, storing ideas, and searching through a more visual "search engine." It's a cool space, and one we know a large proportion of it's users would thoroughly enjoy Impulse as well as Pinterest itself - just a little differently than they may be used to.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design  

The look of all images on Impulse makes us very distinct from Pinterest. All images have been added with the hope of maintaining the beautiful, appealing and slick look we aim to endeavour towards. Keeping us with those lesser known stores the majority of the time lets the little guy have an equal say on our platform. Simply put if their stuff is good, you may be able to tell their products or images from a pool of others — which in our eyes is fantastic branding in the very competitive and difficult marketing world we now live in.

Streamlined Buying

Our goal is to have all products on our platform connected to working websites and that particular product on display. If you have seen any products on our website which is connected to a broken link at all, please raise this to us or shoot us an email to hello@weareimpulse.co so we can rectify this issue ASAP. Together we can aim to maintain the community of easy buying, aesthetically pleasing images, and ultimately putting the power back into your hands if you choose to load up products and images that really resonate with you.

Shopping Socialised Focus

Has your partner or friend put you on the spot asked you what you want for Christmas or your birthday? And you’re drawing a blank because you have a million and one other things to worry about daily? Well, why not send them to your Impulse page. By Re-Beating what you like, you’re essentially building up a shopping list of products for your loved ones to pick from for you. If that isn’t enough, you can create a different ‘collection’ list for gifts you prefer if you really want some select items. Imagine their relief when they can simply click on the image, and buy it then and there for you? No more problems or looks of pretend ‘thanks!’ when you’re given something you didn’t ask for or particularly want — you get to live the life you want. Life becomes much easier, or dare I say Impulsive.

What Impulse do you want?

When articulating the concept of the platform and how it looks or works, we have been told it sounds like Pinterest. However we hope after using the platform you do not think the same. Impulse has many faces to the platform, the question is which one do you want to utilise it for? We hope to see you guys on the platform more in the future going forward!

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