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Impulse Alpha Update and Feedback

Impulse Alpha Update and Feedback

The Alpha has officially closed.

It's been an intriguing week, and one full of as many questions as potential answers. We unearthed some bugs and issues that will be backlogged and sifted through accordingly. For now we will outline some key points from our feedback to keep our Users and future Users up to date, and boost our commitment to transparency and consistent updates:

Feature Feedback

Design: People loved how the platform looked. From the minimal aesthetic, to the bold mages, and simple UI layout, from first impression from users was it went down a storm - which means we are happy. 

Home Feed: Our alpha users found the Home Feed easy enough to navigate, and certainly fascinating enough to spend an average of 19 Minutes per visit to scroll through. We have found some users didn't immediately recognise the function to Re-Beat (share to their profile), or to find people to follow through their respective Home Feeds - we are considering ways to make platform on-boarding smoother.

Products: We had already adjusted the product page to promote image quality and comment interaction, and had no complaints on the design of these very important pages. On the type of product front, we generally had positive feedback to the content on the platform - but will be looking to diversify price ranges in the future.

Profile: We were surprised how few of our Users took to their profile, and utilised it as a way to showcase themselves and products. The users that did find it immediately went to making it look as curated with the products they love as soon as possible - which is great. However, we had some feedback regarding the visibility of the Profile Section, and how hard it was to find the drop-down. We have heard and will improve the 'personal' and 'social' aspect of this page.

Stores: Our test stores enjoyed the upload process as a whole, found it simple and engaging, however a lack of proper product images limited uploading capabilities. We got some great feedback regarding Store profiles, and making Personal Bio's more visible, amongst another suggestion of considering the ability to notify on re-stocking goods.

Collections: Utilised by a good handful of users in a various number of ways, we are very happy with what our users told us about Collections. Straightforward to use, very useful to separate products they love - however, a need to make it more obvious when you hop onto your profile, and an active note to point users in the correct direction when checking out a product would help.


Bugs & Issues

Safari Upload Profile Pic: We had an issue with the Safari Browser and uploading a Profile Picture. We have fixed this, however, any issues that occur please 'Refresh Cache' and it should fix up.

Messaging Memory Overload: An issue with the messaging system was uncovered, and we are in the process of fixing. We believe to be related to its memory state and ability to drag all information needed. Rare, but necessary to get right.


Future Changes Being Considered

Store Profile Visibility: For a Store and Verified Store, the profile drop-down will start as 'Open' as default. This makes their Bio, Contact Email, Web Address, and Categories far more obivous.

People To Follow & Social Visibility: Adding Recommended People to Follow at Sign Up, Home Feed, and possibly on Profile to help you find new friends and stores that will interest you. 

User Card UI Update: When clicking Followers and Following we will make it easier to find people's profiles, and showcase more info to help users choose who to follow.

Search Filters: We're considering adding a Price and Recommended Searches Filter to our Search Results.

Tip: What Kind of Products to Upload

Tip: What Kind of Products to Upload

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