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Top 5 Products of the Week Issue II

Top 5 Products of the Week Issue II

Basslet Subwoofer Watch


The Basslet is the watch-size subwoofer. Using a new haptic technology for sound, it delivers the bass directly to your body – for a powerful music experience. The Basslet uses a psychoacoustic phenomenon: your brain merges sound and vibration into a single experience.


Vanderhall Edison


Vanderhall's Edison electric three-wheeler debuted at the 2018 CES with a full spec sheet. The performance-oriented two-seater is driven by two AC motors driving the front wheels, making for a 4-second sprint to 60 MPH and a range of around 200 miles. The aluminium frame is wrapped in an attractive ABS composite body.


Too Black Guys No More Mr Nice Guy Jacket


Original Vintage Levi's Cut Off Vest with 'No More Mr Nice Guy' politely and ominously embroidered  on the Back. A hard piece from the Too Black Guys crew - essential to your wardrobe and a classic roaming jacket for your urban adventures. Made in the USA...obviously.


Complements Modular Chocolate

$85 Aus

Complements are modular artisan chocolates that form unique combinations of flavour and colour. They are handmade, using Belgian couverture, Australian grown nuts, fruits from the New Zealand alps, and the humble Oreo. They've made a limited run of 500 boxes. Be one of the lucky few.


Ghost Outdoors Ultimate Navy Rucksack

$149 Aus

The ultimate bag for day-tripping. It features an extend-and-contract roll-top to stash more stuff, rapid top and side access, and four extra compartments to stash phone, laptop, water bottle and keys.

Store of the Week: Wiplabs

Store of the Week: Wiplabs

Is a Community Platform the Future of Online Shopping?

Is a Community Platform the Future of Online Shopping?