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Tip: Lifestyle Photos Boost Engagement

Tip: Lifestyle Photos Boost Engagement

Boost Sales Using One Simple Change: Lifestyle Photography

Every competent business owner has spent countless hours researching the best way to optimise their sales, yet most of them continue to make the same simple mistake when it comes to selling their products online. If you want to boost your sales you need to focus on photography. Poor quality or boring images – especially those with a generic white background – don’t just reflect badly on your brand, but significantly limit your conversions. If it worked for AirBnB it will work for you!


Human Psychology

Humans love beautiful things and if you’re not focusing on beautiful product photos you are doing yourself a serious disservice. According to Shlomo Benart in ‘The Smarter Screen: Surprising Ways to Influence and Improve Online Behaviour’, you will experience a noticeable increase in sales if your website is “beautifully aesthetic”. The reason for this is because humans trust beautiful things, including beautiful product images. The more your customer trusts your product the more likely they will be to buy it.

Furthermore, a Shotfarm Product Information Report showcased the extent of this psychological pleasure, when they found that 93% of customers see well-photographed product images as a vital component in their decision to purchase something. Unfortunately, white-background or blurry images will make customers think that you do not care. So why should they care?


Engages Customers

The psychological benefits of good product images results in greater customer engagement. Such images elicit an emotional response and brand alignment that words cannot achieve; idiomatically speaking, we could say when it comes to your branding and sales conversion ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. 

Simply put, great photography can inspire, enrage, inform, provoke, or entertain. Why anyone would neglect this key component of sales optimisation in favour of text is astonishing. Just take a moment to think about it. When you shop online you are looking at the image before you read any text, envisaging how that product will fit into your life. A great photo, with a lifestyle vibe, can facilitate and help the customer see your product in their life.


Social Media Growth

If increasing sales is the main priority of business owners, ‘hacking’ social media growth comes a close second. Fortunately, exciting and engaging lifestyle photography will also help you increase your social media following and engagement. People are far more likely to share/like something that looks cool and bloggers will want to write about products that enthral and allure.

One of the best examples of a company that ‘hacked’ social media primarily through their focus on lifestyle photography is ‘Secret Wood’ – a company that specialises in hand crafted rings and pendants. The company was founded less than 3 years ago, but now boasts an Instagram following of 240,000 and over 787,000 Facebook likes. Check out their website and social media, and you will see why they have achieved so much success.



To more clearly illustrate the visual impact between poor product images and brilliant product images, it is easiest and apt to do so through a direct comparison. The Sitpack:


The difference is clear. The difference between uninspired and professional-looking product photography affect your bottom line. We aren’t saying you need to eradicate all your product images resembling the photo on the right (as some customers will find them useful), but don’t make them the centrepiece.



This simple change has no boundary when it comes to product applicability. Regardless of whether you are selling the latest tech or a niche piece of software, great product photography will have a transformative effect on your sales. For instance, 37Signals (a software company) found their change from text to image-based product pages resulted in a 102.5% increase in conversions. If they can do it, so can you.

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