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Top 5 Products of the Week Issue V

Top 5 Products of the Week Issue V


Monoqi Cube Fire Pit


The founders of German label höfats possess a winning combination—a studied appreciation of design and a deep understanding of how separate parts come together in perfect harmony. The Red Dot Award-winning Cube Fire Pit in powder-coated steel is a heat-resistant piece that will keep you toasty on cool nights, right in to autumn and winter.


Kaibosh Scandinavian In NY Sunglasses


Just like New York city, this frame is easy to love – and it will love you right back. Male or female, A Scandinavian In NY will have you both. We went to the Big A and got inspired. Woody Allen helped us along and with a modern Kaibosh interpretation, out came this perfect frame.


Tokyobike Sport Bicycle


9 speed city bike with smaller 650C wheels and flat bars for a quick, smooth ride. Perfectly suited for urban exploration and moving quickly through traffic, to get from A to B, quickly and stylishly. Clean lines and a matt paint finish.


Unicorn Travel Pillow


Are you tired of jerking awake to find you've been snoozing on a stranger and you now have a stiff neck and drool running down your chin? Give your head the support it deserves by cradling it within the magical embrace of the Unicorn Travel Pillow.


Normann Copenhagen Daily Fiction Erasers


The Daily Fiction universe consists of exquisite smaller design goods ready to tempt and fascinate all design lovers. With inspiration drawn from fashion and interior trends, Daily Fiction complements your personal style, and lets your choose and combine your favourite pieces to create your personal daily fiction.



Student: Millennial Sex Culture

Student: Millennial Sex Culture

Net Neutrality: Imagine Paying For Google?

Net Neutrality: Imagine Paying For Google?