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Danicka Thomas

Danicka Thomas


We take some time to connect and ask some Qs with some of our brand new peeps that have joined the Impulse family.


First up is global citizen and colour lover Danicka...


Danicka Thomas



Tell me a little about yourself? 

I'm 22 years old recently just got married living in New Zealand but, was born in South Africa among the Lions and Giraffes! I love going for walks on the beach and finding good coffee places on the weekends! 


How do you currently shop?

I prefer shopping online as its not an effort at all and its always so exciting to receive parcels in the mail! I have quite a few favourite online stores cant really pin point which are my favourite at the moment. My Favourite apps atm are UNUM and Lightroom!


What are your thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Always and forever Pineapple on Pizza!!


How would you describe your dream lifestyle?

Working for myself and travelling the world.


Would you rather look after 1 horse sized duck OR 100 duck sized horses?

100 duck sized horses - 100% Would be the cutest thing ever.. think about it.


From what you know about Impulse, what are you looking forward to most?

I'm excited about the new opportunities Impulse would create for influencers and businesses.

And I reckon it could have a huge impact on Instagram if it blows up. Instagram is turning into a online shopping store with all the ads and influencers promoting products anyway... which is taking away from what the app was initially created for.

So having something like Impulse could be a game changer for businesses and influencers.


Can you recommend who we interview next?

Yea sure, Holly Morgan is an amazing Blogger her in NZ and Isaac Madsen who created a business called accessory King. They're good people!




Thanks Danicka.

Thanks so much for taking part Danicka. Your sense of humour is a giggle and we love your new Lightroom presets - they seem pretty spot on to us. We're genuinely excited to have you on Impulse when we launch!

For those interested, we are running this brand new interview series to get to know as many as our sign ups as possible. If you'd also like the chance to take part, showcase your personality, and forever get a pretty spot on the blog, drop me an email - jamie@weareimpulse.co - and we'll get it done.

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