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Student: Gap Year vs University

Student: Gap Year vs University


Life can often seem like a straight procession. We begin with school, then get ushered into college or sixth form, ending up with University, and (or) a job. Now don't get us wrong it's a tried and tested route with many of bonuses along the way - but is their another way?


After School?

How many people truly know what they want to do when they leave school? One moment everything is done for you, your schedule, your daily life, when to eat, sleep, everything on repeat. And then suddenly your thrust into the real world. Your just supposed to be 16, 18, or 21, and have everything together on the spot no questions asked. This leads to people choosing the simplest route as fast as possible to fall into line. However, you do have more choices, and it all revolves around taking your time. Do everything you can to stay out of the traps of responsibility for at least a few months or a few years - you'll thank your damn fine future self for it. Promise.


Explore What You Really Want

A sure-fire way to give yourself more time away from the big bad world of work is to take a gap year, travel, or find time to explore yourself overseas. Yes, it can be extremely cliched - all that Eat. Pray. Love stuff - but it allows you to escape the confines of school and work out what you actually want to spend your life doing. Time to think, consider, meet new people, and out yourself in a plethora of potential possibilities.

On this point, Alan Watts spoke extensively in the 1970s, whilst high as a kite, on life goals and making the correct decisions. He eloquently put it like this:


Gap Yaah

Gap Years were once an easy excuse to travel to Thailand for 3 months, pretend your Leonardo DiCaprio from The Beach, and live a hedonist dream of alcohol fuelled fun. Now don't get me wrong, this would be awesome and still is viable, but there are 27434738 more adventures awaiting beyond the traditional gap year approach - all of the will take more care and time to organise, but will often endless opportunity.

Book an around the world flight cross 8 major cities. Backpack the rest.

Join the Lamborghini Crews of Tokyo under city as an engineering Erasmus.

Save some mighty fine elephants in the jungles of Indonesia.

Be the first person to hop the Atacama Desert.

Get paid stupid amounts to teach English or coach football in the Middle East.


What About a College Party?

We're all for globetrotting and saving the Amazon Otters, but what if you're party revolves around red cups, Beer Pong, and missing those 9am lectures. Travelling might not be for everyone, and honestly University or College could be a spot on choice. I mean, a mixture of parties, good looking people, studying your favourite stuff, lie ins, and far too much McDonalds could be your dream - and here's why.

Even though we've discussed the straight line path from school, to uni, to job - university could be the key to free yourself for longer than a gap year. A minimum 3 year time to learn, socialise, organise your life, test your boundaries and potentially understand if you even give a shit about writing up those 4th Quarter finance reports for your final year coursework - which honestly is just a test run for the rest of your life and that leading City bank.

You'll find the time you spend in further education, will actually give you more than running away for a year, and at the end you'll have a semblance of a degree you can lean back on throughout the next decade. Plus, once you have the degree, you're in no rush to have to go to uni, no rush to get a job, and in essence can plan 3-4 years away from a job before responsibility and your parents come calling.


Your Choice

It's an important time in your life. We just beg you to slow down, think about what you want and take a few risks. They'll be nothing worse than getting trapped in a job lifecycle that hems you into a corner. Life is meant to be risky. It's meant to be full of tough choices. And the sooner you start to realise that, the sooner you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

Think about it.

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