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Creating Impulse Culture and Identity On & Off the Platform

Creating Impulse Culture and Identity On & Off the Platform

Trying to pinpoint the why for company succeeds is difficult; the winning formula for business success is the holy grail of equations and something entrepreneurs from across the globe have been seeking since time immemorial. However, there is a common factor that all successful companies possess: a brilliant company culture and clear identity that everyone can get behind. By way of illustration, Elon Musk’s pioneering space technology company - Space X – has the ultimate goal of facilitating interplanetary life and establishing human settlement on Mars. This, as I’m sure you will agree, is undeniably cool, however Musk and his team work together to make it happen!

At Impulse, we also believe in creating a culture and identity that everyone can get behind. Although we aren’t planning to go to space (yet!), we were founded and built on the foundations of some core beliefs:

Everyone Deserves To Succeed

In a world of inter-connected, multinational beasts (i.e. large companies), feeding heartily on the empowering effects of globalisation, we often hear small businesses wonder how they can take a bite and grow too. At Impulse, we believe that many of the best, most creative, and intelligent businesses are small. All they need is a place to show-off. A place in which they may prosper. Unhindered by the monopoly of large corporations. We celebrate these stores on our platform and hope to connect them with original and progressive shoppers, and avoid the perilous consequences of being trapped in the e-commerce abyss.

Live The Life You Want To Live

The most liberating thought is that you always have the choice to do whatever you want with your life. Whether you envisage yourself strolling through a Utopian paradise or following your dream lifestyle, we all have the ability to make that a reality. Impulse is all about immersing yourself in those thoughts, helping you to curate that life on your own personal profile. We encourage our users and stores to upload beautiful and bold images as they are meant to reflect this vision. Tell us what you stand for.

Are you a wonderfully abstract and simple soul whose single ambition in life is to beat the world record for the most straws stuffed in their mouth or are you interesting, determined, and purposeful whose ambitions transcend the lines of impossibility (such a person would, inevitably, upload clear, engaging, and minimalist, product images.) Either way we want you to enjoy life your way on Impulse - even if we would prefer the purposeful up-loader of brilliant products!

Keep Things Simple

Following on from the above, our platform’s minimalist aesthetic and psychologically pleasing look is driven by our desire to keep things simple. There are few things that provide more stress than a cluttered life and a cluttered mind. Nobody wants a life more difficult than it needs to be. Too often we find ourselves on websites overwhelmed by information and difficult usability, leaving us confused and uncertain of what we should be doing. In contrast, Impulse is clear. Everything image across the platform is purchasable. Just click it and press buy. Simple.

Impulse Home Feed.png

Keeping things simple forms the cornerstone of the Impulse office (note to editor: not literally, because that’s made of brick). If one of our team members feels like playing golf today, they can. In fact, you’d probably find Jamie (our founder) asking if he can join them! By embracing simplicity we are able to maintain our sanity and focus on what really matters: you. If you have any problems while using the platform we will always be happy to help and try to resolve the matter as quickly and easily as possible.

Bright Ideas Start Young, Have No Hierarchy, And Have No Boundary

Impulse is a young company, with every team member under the age of 35 (except, of course, for our sagacious and knowledgeable business advisers, who help maintain and develop the quality of our technology, marketability, and security). We are also building relationships with a number of students from global-leading universities to help push our platform to the next level. They simply understand our target market better than anyone else and will help bring Impulse to the next level.

Fundamentally, bright ideas lack hierarchy and possess no boundary. Whoever you are, whether you are young or old, CEO or maintenance, you have as much power over Impulse’s future as anyone else. Even if you do not work for us, we care a lot about your opinion.  A lot of our best and most interesting ideas have come from you guys. So join us for the journey, help us grow, and we will strive to help you live the life you have always wanted.

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