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Elyse Cannon

Elyse Cannon


We take some time to ask some Qs and connect with some of our brand new peeps that have joined the Impulse family.


Introducing cat lover, masters student and photographer Elyse... 



Elyse Cannon



Tell me a little about yourself? 

I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying a masters in chiropractic in Oxford. I’ve got two beautiful ragdoll cats (you might see them on my Insta every now and then).

I have a massive passion for photography and exploring the planet, so most of my spare time is spent searching the web for my travelling plans or exploring my current home town Norwich for unusual photo opportunities.


How do you currently shop?

Always online, I love coming home to a pile of parcels as I never have time to go shopping between uni, work and gym.


What are your thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Crime against nature - #sorrynotsorry!


How would you describe your dream lifestyle?

Travelling everywhere all the time and running my own sports chiropractic clinic. 


Would you rather look after 1 horse sized duck OR 100 duck sized horses?

100 duck sized horses, that would be ridiculously cute and hilarious!


From what you know about Impulse, what are you looking forward to most?

I think it will be an amazing new way to explore independent businesses from all over, rather than the same old stuff we see every day. It will bring great opportunities for both businesses and influencers if it kicks off!


Can you recommend who we interview next?

Hannah Allinson - she’s got an enviable Insta feed and has an amazing sense style to be jealous of!




Thanks again Elyse.

First up your cats are awesome. Secondly, your hatred for pineapple on pizza is fair - no judgement here at all. Finally, doesn't Christmas just come early when your latest haul comes through the post?!

For those interested, we are running this brand new interview series to get to know as many as our sign ups as possible. If you'd also like the chance to take part, showcase your personality, and forever get a pretty spot on the blog, drop me an email - jamie@weareimpulse.co - and we'll get it done.




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