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Marieke Kazen

Marieke Kazen


We take some time to ask some Qs and connect with some of our brand new peeps that have joined the Impulse family.


Introducing world traveller and style obsessed Marieke...



Marieke Kazen



Tell me a little about yourself? 

Hi everyone, my name is Marieke! I am a creative content creator on Insta @mariekekazen and also a blogger. I freelance alongside my full-time job as a luminary developer and buyer at a lighting company. So I am working at the office from Monday until Friday. My boyfriend and I have also bought a very old house. We have been rebuilding it for almost 4 years now. So every evening I am working at the house to make it pretty whilst still living at my parents house, because the house is still not ready! 

In the meantime (every free second) I want to make a career out of my social media channels as a content creator. I love taking photos and generally being creative. Most importantly - I have two cute Birman cats. Okay that was my little introduction for now.


How do you currently shop?

I currently shop at the nearest city. Favourite stores of mine are: Mango, Bershka and Zara. I also use apps more and more.


What are your thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Hahaha, I like pineapple on a pizza. But yes I know it is not so Italian. I think it makes a very good combo with ham and cheese. Just like a french toast with ham and cheese. But my favourite pizza is one with spinach and ricotta. Or maybe the quattro formaggi pizzas. 


How would you describe your dream lifestyle?

My dream lifestyle, wow what a question. It think @ohhcouture and @jannid have the dream lifestyle. I really want to have a life like that, haha! But, broadly a life with more travelling, less worrying, and more doing my own things would be also great. 


Would you rather look after 1 horse sized duck OR 100 duck sized horses?

I don't know what horse sized ducks are, haha. But when I think I do know what it is. It seems very scary to me. I do not like ducks. Okay some ducks are cute, but when a duck is as big as a horse than it would be very scary! Oh now I know what you mean. 

I think I want 100 duck sized horses. Because horses are nice especially when they are small. And everything that is small is cute. So yes I choose 100 duck sized horses. But I think it will look very weird! 


From what you know about Impulse, what are you looking forward to most?

Shopping would be so easy. So that is something I am looking forward to! I can't wait to try it out!


Can you recommend who we interview next?

Yes of course!! I can recommend to interview my blogger friend @esmeerodrigo Because I think she also like this very much. 




Thanks so much Marieke.

Your English is far better than you have to worry about - and far better than half of the Impulse office! I'm glad you sorted out the whole horse/duck situation, that really could have been bad. Looking forward to getting your opinion on Impulse when we go live!

For those interested, we are running this brand new interview series to get to know as many as our sign ups as possible. If you'd also like the chance to take part, showcase your personality, and forever get a pretty spot on the blog, drop me an email - jamie@weareimpulse.co - and we'll get it done.




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