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Victoria DaSilva

Victoria DaSilva


We take some time to ask some Qs and connect with some of our brand new peeps that have joined the Impulse family.


We welcome Victoria - allergic to seafood, a coffee lover, and boxer dog owner...



Victoria DaSilva



Tell me a little about yourself? 

I am a 19 year old Photography student living in Montreal and lifestyle blogger at www.victorialauren.ca.  I grew up just north outside of Toronto, where my boxer puppy lives with my parents (he’s huge now but will forever be a pup to me). I’m a lover of good coffee, and am always looking for new cafes to try. If I had to describe my style it would be feminine, simple and effortless. You could say it’s inspired by classic and flowy French fashion. 


How do you currently shop?

For clothing, I love thrifting and discovering different vintage shops. There are so many cute shops in Montreal that I love, like Mimi & August, their Old Port store is shared with Bkind, a vegan skin care brand that makes products with simply the best ingredients. The fact that there is a Frank & Oak just minutes from my apartment is also dangerous for my wallet. Online shopping is also super convenient when I’m looking for something specific - I love Oak & Fort and Reformation. The Detox Market and Peace Collective are also Toronto staples. 


What are your thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I think that anyone who enjoys pineapple as a topping has taste bud issues.


How would you describe your dream lifestyle?

Living somewhere near a beach, waking up to multiple dogs every morning and owning a luxurious espresso machine. Let’s be real, travelling a ton and having a killer wardrobe wouldn’t be so bad either. Also not being allergic to shrimp would definitely be a bonus, I just want to indulge in all my seafood cravings without getting hives, is that too much to ask for?


Would you rather look after 1 horse sized duck OR 100 duck sized horses?

Both situations sound pretty scary, but definitely 1 horse sized duck. I feel like that would be less stressful.  


From what you know about Impulse, what are you looking forward to most?

I can’t wait to shop sites that are totally new to me and discover unique, quality brands! 


Can you recommend who we interview next?

I would definitely reach out to Chloé Leroux! Her feed is honestly perfect, she’s a Montreal girl living in New York, and she’s a food photographer. If that’s not a recipe for some amazing content, I don’t know what is. 



Thanks Victoria.

For those interested, we are running this brand new interview series to get to know as many as our sign ups as possible. If you'd also like the chance to take part, showcase your personality, and forever get a pretty spot on the blog, drop me an email - jamie@weareimpulse.co - and we'll get it done.




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