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Top 5 Products of the Week Issue 10

Top 5 Products of the Week Issue 10


Yield Design Marble Block


Made of solid stone, the marble stacked card holders are perfect for desktop display of photographs, cards or large prints. Holds up to 1/2" thick stack of printed goods for display at home, at events or at the office. The 12" can even act as an open book holder for easy reading and display. 



Zakkia Botanical Vase


Growing plants from seedlings can be fiddly with poking seeds with toothpicks. Zakkia Botanical vases make sure the process is no longer a hard one. Fill the vase with water up to just below the black shelf and your seed will sit perfectly inside. Can also be used as a structural vase for your flowers, too!



MVMT Aurora Sunglasses


Two Tone tortoise shell sunglasses, designed hand in hand with MVMT's watch range. Shaped for women, but also a unisex style if you can cut it. Simple, well-priced, and effortlessly easy to wear.



Modernaked Floral Backpack


Strut at the sound of the Boom Boom. Blue denim backpack with black cotton canvas lining for a sturdy structure. Reinforced black leather lined interiors. Printed peach tree flower buds. Black binding bias and non-abrasive metal buckles. Black string for closure. Adjustable handles lined with black leather. Handmade in Modernaked's workshop in Spain. It fits a 13" laptop. 



Mizu Shot Glass


Mizu shot glasses are stainless steel, collapsible, stealthy, and fit neatly into your pocket. Impress your friends on camping trips when you crack open a pint of whiskey (that you snuck into your friends pack) and flick open a mini shot glass.

Elyse Cannon

Elyse Cannon

Colourful Rebel Underwear

Colourful Rebel Underwear