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Content Curation and Keeping Impulse Fresh

Content Curation and Keeping Impulse Fresh

If you've been on the platform for more than 3 seconds you'll immediately see a plethora of large images that dominate your screen. It is clear that we have a thing for large, beautiful product images, as do a lot of our users that have given us positive feedback to date. So we thought we'd try to bring you the vital reasons why we decided to pursue our ethos and how we curate content to keep Impulse on top of it's game.

Hard Balance

Throughout our prototype and development phase we have been completely focused on making one of the most beautiful social platforms possible. One of the toughest decisions we've had to consider is between the freedom of social uploads and the execution of professional commerce photos. On one hand we want to give power and control to our dedicated user base to set trends and push their dream products to the platform. However, at the same time very few commerce and social platforms focus on providing a truly enjoyable visual experience - and we wanted to change that.

Our Feedback

To help solve our issues of how hard to curate the platforms content, we called on all the feedback we've had over the last 2 years. Across our prototype, concept images, and email updates we found a clear favour towards heavy(ish) curation and a focus on making Impulse a stand-alone beautiful platform, over a free-for-all social blend. Of course we're not planning to have the system remove everything that isn't deemed 'perfect' - however we do plan to have the software report and then remove automatically to a blend of settings.


What You'll Notice

Missing Upload: When uploading to the platform you may find the occasional missing product upload that you decided to post to the platform. Often if there is an issue with product style, size, title or description the upload gets flagged, and then often removed.

Culture Shift: Don't get alarmed or annoyed if your product disappears, just try and find a better product image and go again, taking more time to get it right. We know this is going to be a foreign occurrence to many users, however if we can set the culture and tone for quality, your own profile and the platform as a whole will excel.

Follow Up Message: If an upload is removed, the Impulse team will often endeavour follow up with a personal message and/or update that lets you know why the product was removed, and point you in the direction of a better image option, or signpost you to our helpful blog posts dedicated to uploading.

Edited Title or Description: Quite often you'll find that your product image is quality and will pass straight through the software flags. However, the Title and Description of the upload may be flagged and end up being tweaked slightly. It may only be a few words, or rearranging a sentence, but will improve your upload and make it more user friendly for the community.


Content The System Will Flag to Remove or Edit

  • Images with a purely white background.
  • Incomplete product title.
  • Incomplete product description.
  • Low image resolution.
  • Smaller image sizes.
  • Odd image shapes.
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