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Here's Why Laptops Are Still Cool. Seriously.

Here's Why Laptops Are Still Cool. Seriously.


Mobile is the way. It's that simple. Easier to carry, simple to use, no fuss, and a constant distraction whenever you find yourself alone on the dance floor on a Saturday night. However, what happens if your lovely iPhone wasn't as cool as you think, and the humble laptop is still more useful than you could ever imagine?


There's Always A Time & Place

Remember when you used to have a computer room? Or somewhere where'd you settle in and hop on the internet to browse, without being able to whack it out your pocket. Well what if I say this was a far better way to live our lives. Mobile gives us access anywhere, but how often is it inappropriate, an easy escape to situations where we need to be using actual real world words.

Your trusty laptop never gave you that issue. You could plan to chill out to watch a film on your bed, do a little shopping in the evening with a glass of wine on the sofa, or simply do the whole video chat thing without having to hold the damn thing in the air. Laptops allow you to have a set work place, a set internet space, an online home, that doesn't become your actual home. Mobile may be useful, but it could be turning into a social epidemic, whereby social anxiety, nervousness, and low self-esteem are all magnified by people's desire to disappear into their phone.

Macbook Desk Setup


Feel The Power

Now we may be a small bunch of tech lovers over here at Impulse - and spend the majority of the day on our desktops (so we're slightly biased) but isn't their something so much more inviting about watching a film or TV on a bigger screen than your phone? Or when you want to do some holiday shopping, and your mobile dumbs down every option into oblivion and makes it a nightmare to get the right information?

Laptops don't have this issue. Don't get me wrong Airbnb's App is solid AF, however you ever been on the desktop? It's properly glorious, handing you all the information immediately, little scrolling, quick loading, actually enjoyable way to plan a trip. We're just saying phone's may be a little more handy - but often they are nowhere near as enjoyable as their larger, more powerful siblings.

Airbnb App


What About Shopping?

This is a touchy subject at Impulse HQ. We are the most adamant protectors of shopping on a laptop. However, even we are currently designing a groundbreaking mobile app to make using Impulse as easy as ever. This is interesting in a lot of ways, because Impulse was designed for careful, curated use, a way to shop where you took your time to scroll, with all the information you need, and browse quietly when you got that spare hour on a Sunday night. 

However, mobile shopping does need the right kind of app to succeed. Many of you will find yourself with 4,5, maybe 6 tabs open on your phone from saved websites/apps where you're shopping from. We imagine that can get quite annoying. So we guess our issue isn't with mobile shopping as a whole, but the dull, product focused experience you are currently gifted. Again ASOS is solid (most of the time), but really it's kinda boring, straight to the point, no care or passion. Shopping should be fun, it should be a curated way to make your life easier, simpler, more enjoyably, and not a grab for following the trend at the cheapest price.

Impulse Home Page Laptop

Mobile is the future, no doubt. But until Apps catch up to UX at a better rate of knots (in our opinion) shopping on a laptop will be superior. A small change to your habits and you may feel the same thing - less shove stuff in a basket and come back to it later, more discover, share with friends, and enjoy taking time to do a little online shopping. Open that wonderful old Macbook you haven't properly used since Uni and take a look.


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