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Store of the Week: Urban Gilt

Store of the Week: Urban Gilt


Feeling Gilty?

Born out of some life changing decisions and true courage to make a difference to their own lives as well as others, Urban Gilt encapsulates what it means to take risks and do everything to pull them off, and we properly love that at Impulse - so they were an easy pick for our Store of the Week.

Urban Gilt itself is a London based fashion brand that believe life should be a real adventure. Whether you're travelling the world or cruising day to day with your friends, your style picks should be versatile, prepared, and suited to all possible opportunities life can throw at you. Merging versatility, sustainability & effortless urban chic, their graphic tees let you explore the unexpected twists and turns which make life so memorable.


What's The Story?

In their own words, Urban Gilt was born out of a chance meeting and a little dutch courage. Their story encapsulates the brand perfectly:

"Hadrian had quit his job and was about to motorcycle from London to Tokyo. Just before leaving he was set up on a blind date. Thinking it would be a fun drink if nothing else, he said yes. Lisa was working in the city, dreaming of going travelling and starting a business. Her friend told her about Hadrian. Aware he was leaving, she took the chance anyway and went on the blind date.

Four weeks later, they were motorcycling through Europe together loving life. The Tokyo plan soon changed (largely due to numb backsides) and they switched to backpacking their way around the Americas.

Sharing a love for the unexpected, they wanted to experience as much as possible. It wasn't long before they realised the less they packed, the more spontaneous they were. And the more spontaneous they were, the more adventure & fun they had.

But what clothes would be versatile enough to fit in a backpack and take you from street market to the best bars & restaurants? It was solving this challenge that led to Urban Gilt. So when they returned home they decided to build a brand reflecting who they are as people. Focusing on their love of adventure, design and a higher purpose to inspire & help others, Urban Gilt is the result of their shared passions & values."


Positive Vibes

Urban Gilt has a supreme focus on sustainable, high quality products, that not only last, but look stunning day to day. A keen on eye on their environmental impact means they use organic cotton in their shirts, whilst ensuring all goods are manufactured in the UK or in certified Fair Wear Foundation factories, means the human impact they have is positive offering proper working conditions, safe working hours, and total commitment to proper hourly pay. The small things make a difference, and a brand that cares about it's people will always care about you. It's not rocket science.


The Future

Lisa and the team from Urban Gilt are in the process of renovating the brand and ushering a new era for the brand. Their dedication to building sustainable fashion, at fair prices and a keen eye for style trends means they'll be here for you, for quite a while. We're honoured to have them on the platform - and as Impulse grows we will be able to offer Urban Gilt more of a platform to take on mainstream brands in London and beyond. We implore you to check them out - URBAN GILT.

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