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The Affordable Top 5 Tech Products for 2018

The Affordable Top 5 Tech Products for 2018

In light of last week’s CES 2018 event, we thought it would be fitting to pick our top five 2018 picks for technology. We all see that technology has slowly invaded parts of our lives we didn’t know possible; from self driving Tesla’s to virtual assistants such as Alexa reading the news to you at home. The question is, where next? In no particular order, see our preferred picks below:


Say hello to Tello, this year’s best budget drone to buy for those looking to venture out into the world of drones. For only £99, it seems to be a steal with 720p quality video, a 100m range and 13 minute flight time. 

That’s not all though — with this comes equipped the chance to learn more about basic levels of programming, with an MIT coding system called Scratch available to all upon purchase. Being given the chance to learn how to fly a drone and program at the same time is something we wish were available to us as kids. No wonder it’s sold out at the moment. 

tello .jpg



The PowerWatch X doesn’t need a battery. I repeat, no battery. The watch runs from the heat emitted from your body, not by motion like previous watches. Remember how we would wake up and the time was wrong as we hadn’t moved in our sleep? No longer an issue. The watch has basic tech functionalities such as phone notifications and fitness tracking, which is all we need nowadays when on the go. 

Who wants a battery to charge their smartwatch everyday anyway? 

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 16.10.11.png



Heard of Aura? We hadn’t either until CES 2018. This home security product works by simply plugging into your wall socket, and installing an app. Any alerts or motions around the house can be monitored through the app at all times of day. How does it work? By reading patterns of Wi-Fi radio waves that bounce off the walls around the house. 

Any fears your kids are sneaking out the house or not completing homework when left unattended in the evening? Problem solved. This is the perfect item for you to do some very quiet spying on the family, and to mislead intruders into thinking there is no alarm system installed. Subtlety is key. 




Bluetooth headphones are the future since Apple paved the way with a headphone jack-less iPhone, and it seems others are following suit unless you’re name is Samsung (the S9 is still up in the air on these specifics). We recommend the Sony WF-SP700N if you’re a wireless lover, as these were made specifically for sport heavy activities. 

Equipped with noise cancelling, an awareness feature which allows select background noise to filter through your music, and an added Bass features for those sound junkies, these headphones are a hit. Enduring the frustration of wires creeping across your chest or underneath your top is a thing of the past. 



Without a doubt, The Wall stole this accolade before CES even began. Showcasing its newest product, Samsung has shown us what a true 146-inch TV looks like without a bezel (border). Offering the compatibility of other Samsung products such as mobiles and tablets really allows you to enjoy the full effects of this 146-inch visual plethora created.

The clean, tidy and aesthetically appealing display of this TV renders users viewers unable to realise where a frame begins and ends. Best get this embedded onto a white wall to absorb its full effects then. 

the wall samsung.jpg
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