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Tip: What Kind of Products to Upload

Tip: What Kind of Products to Upload

Impulse was created with a key idea in mind - create a space that Independent Stores, Smaller Brands, and Crowdfunded Products could thrive. Our aim was a socially powered platform that could help people discover the high quality, stunning, life altering products that never truly make it to the mainstream - whilst also levelling the online shopping playing field, by ensuring the stores that truly deserve it, and didn't just pay the most to Google and Facebook, stood a chance.

As a part of this, it means we have a very diverse range of products on the platform, all from an eclectic mix of different sized stores represented on Impulse, however each one has something in common - they are all creative, socially engaged, and develop an outstanding set of products. With this diversity in product and store style we decided to offer a little guidance on the kind of products we love on Impulse, and help you showcase to the world a new generation of stunning goods:


Beautiful. Clever. Curated.

At the very core of the platform are products that are just brilliantly made, wonderfully designed, and carefully chosen to represent the best of stores from around the world. A good place to start when finding products to upload is to seek out the goods and brands that spend a lot of time framing their identity within a beautiful story.

Good looking products that solve problems, and have been made with passion, time, and care will always thrive on the platform. You'll see a plethora of Homewares (Ferm Living - Below), Tech (Native Union), and Accessories (Memobottle) that fall squarely into this category - and as you'll find there's good reason why we love this sort of product base.

Products I.png


Lesser Known

Some of the greatest products ever made never make it mainstream - and that's just not cool. We want to see stuff that hasn't ever surfaced onto social platforms at scale before, and people simply would not had even considered buying. Fashion is dictated by the huge high street stores to such and extent that the independent labels don't get much of a shout. If you want to upload to Impulse look for brands that you've never heard of in Fashion (Flook The Label), Bags (Mees Design, Zand-Erover, Alfie Douglas), and Art/Craft (Oxford Pennant, Paper Collective - Below).

Product II.png


Life Improving

Simply anything that makes our lives easier, more efficient, cleaner, and downright better all round. Clever little items that people don't have in their lives that would change how people view their world are a staple of the Impulse product community. Often the most simple devices and products can change the way we interact with our Home and Friends, both in person and online - and we love these. Impulse is about bettering your life, by making sure you carefully improve your life by buying high quality, select items that add to your day to day life - not cause clutter and confusion. 



A favourite of the Impulse team are products that are minimalist in function and design. Straightforward products, designed with quirk and verve to transform and transcend it's original purpose. Often beautifully presented, socially engaged, and have a cult following in small circles, these products often dominate Design (Othr), Gifts (Secret Wood), and Office (Grovemade, Artifox).

Product III.png


Future Tech

Kickstarter is a fascinating space and the team is often found trawling through the huge range of new Crowdfunded products to unearth some future tech that will change the world. We pride ourselves on handing over the best products possible - and stuff that doesn't even exist on the market is a wonderful place to begin. 

The range of new products that come into life on KS often fall under technology, accessories, travel items, outdoor goods, security, internet and gaming. Search a wide selection mean finding products to upload from KS will keep you constantly entertained - just make sure you select the correct price and picture!

Product IV.png


Quality Over Quantity

When finding products to upload to Impulse, we implore you to take your time and focus on bringing relevant and valuable content to the platform. We don't want any random assortment of products brought forward - instead take a few minutes, find something that will rain down beats on your profile, and set your own new wave of trends on the platform. Onwards and enjoy.


Future Hit: Arc by Flyte

Future Hit: Arc by Flyte

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