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Travel: Just Buy the Damn Ticket and Go

Travel: Just Buy the Damn Ticket and Go

Seriously. Grab your friend, pick a place, and disappear. It will change your current life and more importantly set you up for a future life filled with adventures, confidence, and obscene amounts of new overseas friends that will give you free accommodation for life. Winner winner.

In all seriousness, travel should be a pre-requisite for any person looking to learn and live to their fullest extent. You will learn more about yourself, home, food, friends, loneliness, health, courage, creativity and beyond than you could ever imagine - and will set you up to take on a world so hell bent on tying you down to a societal role, being a cog in a huge machine, you'll forget the far flung ideas for life that you left behind on your front door step.

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Travel is not expensive. Do away with a notion that you'll be living the luxury life, and instead focus on the vital necessities you need to enjoy and experience to the max. You can make money go an extremely long way if you're smart - South East Asia, South America, and Australasia you get decent bang for your buck, and can certainly live the high life from hostel to hostel.

When it comes to working out your budget - focus on accommodation, food, daily trips, transfers, and of course flights. Don't bother with packing too many clothes, buy what you need out there for 10% of the cost, and then survive whilst having the time of your life.

A great app for budgeting is Loot - a mobile banking app aimed directly at students, young professionals, and graduates. They help you track finances, push money to the correct accounts overseas, and allow you to focus on exploring the wild countries you've always dreamt about.



If it's your first time travelling solo or in tandem - then planning the trip to a certain extent will help settle any nerves you (or mum) may have. You can plan down to the hour, or go for the free roam route of booking flights and then living by the seat of your pants when you land - either way will grant you access to a whole new world of possibilities.

Our advice is to be flexible. Don't set days, events, or too much in stone. When you meet people they have ideas and plans, and trust us you'll want to join them - especially if they got that little something going on (that goes for guys and girls) 👍

A great way to plan if you're not too confident is find people that have travelled before and ask 48346739847 questions. A superb site is Memories Over Money - these dudes travel extensively, and have recently started opening up Plan Requests to help people get on that flight. Check them out.


Stick To It

Really important. Don't change your mind. Don't freak out. Stay the process and get on that damn plane. Some of the most important lessons learnt are often in a foreign country at some kind of dodgy time - and this will hold you in great stead for life. You honestly will not look at your life the same once you've see something so beautiful, harrowing, exciting, or awe-inspiring that it latches onto your conscious and propels you forward to your next adventure.

A key part of being a member of the Impulse team is some sort of background in travel. Whether it be for sport, culture, photography, family holidays - any desire to see new things, experience true poverty or wealth, and see life from a new perspective is a vital trait that we value you highly.

Just buy the damn ticket.

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