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8 Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas 2018

8 Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas 2018

It’s that time of year again. For some, this is the pinnacle of your year, presenting a magnificent opportunity to indulge in great food and divulge your 100 favourite things about your other half to your friends on Facebook. For others, this is a time of dread, and you will inevitably spend more time deciding on a pancake topping the previous day than actually deciding on a suitable present.

If you happen to be single, it’s important you don’t stop reading here! If a fortunate stroke of serendipity occurs in the next couple of weeks, and you find yourself in a relationship, then you will be adequately prepared with this useful gift guide.


Four For Her

Get Floaty Mini Unicorn Cupholder 

Make any drink enchanting with this pocket sized, majestic companion from Floaty. It’s every girl’s dream to own a unicorn, so go ahead and make her dream a reality by purchasing this mythical beast. If you want to take this a little further, why not buy the Floaty unicorn float too, which will transport her to unicorn heaven.


Balloon Pin Heart

Inflate her love by purchasing this cute set of pins. Whether she wants to pin up your thoughtful (or not) Valentine’s Day cards or a cringe-worthy picture of you both cavorting along the Thames on New Year’s Eve, the Balloon Pin Heart provides an enchanting place to store her treasured memories. Three hundred individual red pins float above a tiny rooftop in a limited edition miniature heart-shaped balloon cluster.


Bespoke Verse Classic Poetry

Bring out your inner Shakespeare, take out your bow, and make Eros proud. This classic poetry subscription box is a unique gift for book, poetry, and literature lovers. Being a subscription box this is a gift that keeps on giving, with 3 beautiful poem postcards delivered to your other half every month. Winning.


Personalised Map Location Hearts

These vintage personalised map location hearts will definitely put a smile on her face, allowing her to cherish a location that means a lot to her (you could even use a map locating your house, but that may be a little creepy). Nevertheless, it is a gift that demonstrates thought and attention to detail, so she can’t complain.


Four For Him

Mast Chocolate Bar

The Valentine’s Day classic: chocolate. Mast chocolate, however, is not just any chocolate. Meticulous craftsmanship, ground-breaking innovation, and inspiration simplicity are the core components of this delicious chocolate orange treat. If he doesn’t like this then you don't need him. That way you can keep it all for yourself, win-win.


Blamo Unicorn Onesie

Your boyfriend is inevitably going to buy you something related to unicorns, so you may as well return the favour. Get him geared-up with this unique animal suit, made from comfy stretch woven cotton, and he will magically transform into your fabled symbol of grace, satisfying your every demand.


Pioneer Division Bifold Wallet

Everyone loves products that are simple yet classy, and the Pioneer Division Bifold Wallet fits this description to a tee. Boasting a fully featured, yet slim profile, the wallet rises to a class of its own, rejecting its own comparison. You’ve now got the perfect excuse to get rid of his shabby pocket card cabinet, which still contains the receipt from your McDonalds date last October.


Good Vibes Only Print

If your boyfriend is a bit emotionally volatile, he needs this inspirational print. Allow him to wake up and settle down at his desk with the perfect morning motivational, urging him to adopt a stoic sense of calm throughout the day. Printed on Tintoretto Gesso, a high quality textured Italian paper.



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