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Why Isn't Impulse on Mobile or App?

Why Isn't Impulse on Mobile or App?

For a business to succeed in 2018 you’d be correct to say that mobile compatibility and optimisation is crucial. In 2016, the number of people loading webpages using a mobile overtook those using a desktop computer for the first time - here are the stats.

As a result, many users may, understandably, feel that our focus on desktop development is absurd given the technological shift society has made towards their handheld devices. Why, then, have we decided to do this? You deserve an explanation…

1. We focused on security and trust

 As a small, but growing, business, security and trust is our paramount consideration. Impulse uses a world leading, third party payment processing system (called Stripe, for those of you that are interested), which has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringer level of certification available in the payments industry. To implement this and the additional security in handling card-data (e.g. all card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256), it was best we focused on desktop. The subsequent transfer to mobile then becomes far easier, safer, and smoother.

2. We listened to you

 Getting our users involved in our development is crucial to our success, and we believe that more companies should invest their time listening to what their customers have to say. We spoke to A LOT of online stores throughout development and the simple fact is this: they work on desktop. Given that shopping is a crucial part of Impulse (obviously!), it would be rather foolish to make it a burden for stores to upload their products on the platform. We want to make the platform as easy as possible to use, and we do that by listening to your feedback.

3.  We don’t want to be like everyone else

 We care a lot about our platform and we want you to enjoy the experience too. Our focus on desktop allows us to manage our content more tightly and offer more tailored user support. Want to watch a cat video? Hop on to Facebook. Want to read about someone’s life? Check out Twitter. Want to explore eclectic, high-quality imagery to curate your dream life? Impulse is your answer.

4. Finally, we want to be beautiful

 The best way to do something well is to take time; never rush. To keep things looking aesthetically pleasing and maintain our ethos of big, bold, imagery, it is necessary we focus on a few select resolutions to begin with. Big is beautiful and we believe you will appreciate the unique design offered on our platform.

5. We will be developing an App as soon as viable

Nevertheless, we promise you Impulse for mobile is coming and the wait will be more than worth it. We want to develop a full scale App for both iOS and Android that transforms how people shop and socialise within the same application.

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